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Experience does count, videos are made for people”

Web Interactive films is a full-service corporate video production company. We have been honing this craft of intuitive storytelling through moving pictures for over 20 years. Thousands of videos later, we can say that we have the recipe for “MAX ROI” for video productions. You not only save money, but your videos also pay for themselves and a multiply business.

Here’s what we do? We make highly interactive videos by crafting an intuitive storytelling narrative. This comes by listening. By carefully identifying the target audience persona, you can evolve an environment crafted out of what matters to your audience? With a strong narrative, engagement increases. There’s a science to it. The videos connect with the viewers. It simply makes sense to them. Without building a relationship, it’s difficult to connect with people. And that’s how we are different from the regular video production company.

How does video production work?

Neil Patel shares: everything you need to know about creating marketing videos to understand How video production works?

Why trust us? We provide corporate video production services for some of the top brands in the world with video productions across all continents. We’ve produced every type of video all over the world.

Corporate videos that will change your bottom line

With our well-crafted video productions, your audience is now equipped. Your viewers will receive a clear and distinct message to choose your brand over the competition. This results in multiplied engagement and increased dwell time for website videos; finally, multiplied sales figures.

Visually stunning immersive corporate video

Video Production

Crafting a  compelling narrative for your corporate video handles the “Storytelling”; following that up with a world-class quality video production is imperative to do justice to your corporate video script. We have a full-service, experienced, award-winning cinema crew. High-quality equipment and studios with broadcast quality 4K 10-bit cinema cameras are used to produce our cinematic corporate films.

Video Editing & Visual Effects

Your well crafted corporate video story is finished over the editing table. Shortlisting the right footage, views and subtle movements to tell your story seamlessly.  Ambience sounds, voice-overs, stunning visual effects and background music scores are married together to breathe life into the final corporate video production.

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