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We’ve produced hundreds of videos for everyone from start up founders to the Fortune 100’s.
Over 5 million+ views 80,000+ subscriptions 4 awards 300+ videos this year

Our corporate films are fun, relevant and entertaining. We’re glad that we are the best at what we do and that we passionately love our work. The fact that our clients love our work too and that our deliverables are above client expectations every time drives us even further! World class videos can help us reach a larger and a wider audience easily; our videos effortlessly achieve high value views and shares. We make videos that educate customers, illustrate the complex, and connect viewers with brands. By marrying together “carefully designed messaging” + “cinematic story telling”, we have been able to achieve the right recipe. Our videos are created to target business objectives and deliver quantifiable outcomes. If you’re aim to make it with investors and promote your product or service; WIF has your back! Every single one of us has something special to offer. At WIF we exercise constant care on all our productions. Videos are all about “one person simply talking to another”. While we write scripts, produce video shoots or design interactivity; we take time to understand what you need to communicate and the tone to use with our viewers. “The meek shall inherit..” WIF is constantly looking at international trends; better and newer ways for productions with the latest technology so that we try something new every-time, that we stay relevant and our productions make sense; Meanwhile, making the process well planned and pleasant for all. Our most recent achievement is that we have continued to remain approachable, accommodating, courteous and not get pig-headed despite our growth.

  • Corporate Films

    Interviews, training & facility videos

  • Commercial Photography

    Product and advertisements

  • Documentary

    Travel, VOX POP, UX, TVCs, Serials

  • Explainer videos

    Animated Explainer videos, Mobile App Demos, Web commercials


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