10 huge mistakes that can ruin your White board animations.

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White board animations have been popular, especially to develop explainer videos. The draw my life videos have become extremely popular with YouTubers too. Entrepreneurs and startups have embraced white board animations to make their presentations; especially since it seems like a transition out of a live white board presentation setting from B-school or a corporate presentation at the boardroom.

Here are a few facts about whiteboard animations and how to identify a low-quality video; if some of the basics are horendously wrong!

1) White board animations are cheap.

Not necessarily. Quality never comes cheap. If it’s stock imagery with a hand that transition wipes the slide it’s actually a powerpoint presentation with an animation transition between every slide. These videos can be detrimental to your presentation and your brand. We’ll look further to know what makes a whiteboard animation great and effective.

2) White board animations can be done in a short time; overnight even.

Again, unless you’re looking at a low quality presentation; which is close to powerpoint clip art with a hand wipe transition; white board animation is going to take some time to produce. Let’s look at the steps.

Let’s look at the white board animation production steps.

a) Firstly you want to look at an engaging storyline for the script.
b) You will need to design characters. And draw every single slide or scene.
c) These characters will need to be animated to appear hand drawn.
d) Another layer of animation would be required to add a hand and pencil drawing effect.
e) Text titles need to be added.
f) Voice over will need to be recorded by a professional voice over artist.
g) The video will need to be edited to sync with the voice.
h) Sound effects (follies) and background music need to be slapped on.
i) Then there are always changes! Phew!

When so much of work is involved to produce a quality video, it’s going to be time-consuming.

3) I can make as many changes as I want! It’s easy!

Now that we’ve got an idea of the steps involved, changes are going to take time. You might plan to redo the voice. You will have to sync the entire new video with voice and music to the match the new animation with changes. This will take time. Not planning your script and slide well and following a linear process can be a huge mistake.

4) I don’t need a hand or pencil in my white board animation.

The whole point of having a white board animation is “the human touch”; A hand drawing the viewer through a story and educating the audience. Doing away with the hand and pencil is a huge mistake.

5) Why not use another colour instead of white?

White board animations simulate the white drawing board with a presenter that hand draws graphs and other graphics while he educates people. Take away the white and you’ve got something else altogether. It does make sense to mildly add a few colour touches for branding. Don’t go overboard!

6) Let’s make the characters more Colourful.

I’ve seen quite a few coloured animated “white board” animations. However, this is one of the dead give aways of a low-quality clip art based animated video or a misunderstood whiteboard video. Using colour and animated characters is going to make your white board animation video into a cartoon animation. This takes a completely new form that is far away from the intended “white-board” effect. Visually and logically, done make this mistake. Why is a pencil or marker colouring a character, while it does not have cartoon looking coloured inks?

7) Lot’s of text

Simplify your communication. Limit text to a maximum of 7 words per slide or scene. Viewers are going to find it hard to read tons of copy. The whole idea is to illustrate and educate and not paste a paragraph from a book and make one read.

8) Wipes and erasers after every slide.

white board animations should connect one scene to the other, wiping a scene clean should typically not be done. It might be acceptable, probably at the end or if we are visualising a new chapter.

9) Not having a story or education factor.

White board animation or any video communication needs a story so that viewers can identify and connect with the business. Better the connection with the audience, more likely they are to watch the entire video or sign up.

10) Call to action.

After all the effort of producing a quality white board animation, don’t forget to end with a call to action. Sign up, Know more, contact us…

What do you think? What are your favourite white board animation videos? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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