Animated Video Malaysia

Nowadays, we do not use these dull slides to convey features and benefits of their product. Animated video services are a little pricey, yet it’s completely worth investing in them.

Well, it’d be a treat to view a corporate animated video!

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What’s essential to get started?

A brief, crisp and fun script with the fundamental elements is what which does the trick. This is an important step in making your own explainer video. Keeping this at heart, the script writer develops an extremely persuasive script. Following this, the script gets the formal “go-ahead”!

What’s your story? How do you visualise it?

A storyboard it is sketched that shows how the final video will move from scene to scene, expounded by the picture. It’s hand drawn! You will see a sketch of the characters as well as background images that will soon progress to the illustration stage. This acts as a tool that will help you with pre-visualisation of the video even before it is to be completed.

With the script as well as the storyboard prepared, now your soon to be animated video explainer, will require the voice over recording. To get the right attention, a quality voice over is very important. The wrong tone or voice will simply take away the viewer from connecting with a special moment and ruin all of the efforts you have now been putting into this production. It’s best to first listen to samples of voice artists in order to select the best.

Let’s get animated!

This stage gives the company’s explainer video that vibrant and lively feel. The sketches in the storyboard are given form and splashed full of vibrant colours to give you that appealing and spectacular look of an animated explainer video. An excessive amount of graphics can disrupt the whole message of the video too.

Now the video is ready to go to the next step. But this step takes a bit of time. Why wouldn’t it? Doesn’t it take the time to bring life to your imagination? The time taken in this particular process also depends upon the duration of the voice over or rather overall video. The animated explainer video is completed with movements effects and transitions.

Let’s face the Music!

Ever wondered what makes your audience pay attention towards a certain song or a video? Yes, music does play an essential role. However, it also depends on the sound effect. The folly adds life to your video and animation.  The animated video is edited and synchronised to the voice over. Sound effects and music is added.

Get some Action!

Your video is now ready to go into the big bad world of advertising. But let’s not forget to add a call to action. This is the moment everyone is waiting for. What should I do after I watch your video? Slap on a bit of quirkiness and tell your audience what they should do? Sign up? Read More? or Buy Now!

Your organisation’s explainer video is ready to hit the market!

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