Video Marketing & Video Production

Welcome to the first edition of video marketing and video production. Don’t just do “Video”! Every single year, the video statistics are overwhelming; the entire world wide web may be screaming: “You got to get on board with video”. But hey! If you don’t do it right, you’re probably risking your company and brand by[…]

Guess what Vlogs can do for your video marketing campaign

Vlogs have evolved to the most popularly consumed video format for 2017 and video marketers have been reinventing their video marketing strategy ever since. We all are quite familiar with the term “blog”. Blog is short for Web-log, what started out to be online journals or logs that were updated regularly.  An avenue to oneself to the[…]

Whiteboard Explainer Video Kuala Lumpur

Whiteboard Explainer Video at RM 2000/- INTRODUCTORY PROMOTIONAL OFFER.  *Limited videos. Only one order per customer. WIF creates Award-Winning and Whiteboard Explainer Videos. Located in Petaling Jaya. Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia. Whiteboard Explainer video animation for RM. 2000/- that still looks good! Just send us your Script and we’ll do the rest!   At RM 2000/- This[…]

Corporate Film Production Bangalore

Video production Malaysia

Corporate Video Production! We’re not here to sell! We want to share your story. Coporate video at RM 1300. If you’re a startup and looking for a video production company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? WIF has some awesome introductory offers this month. We have an award winning team with heaps of professional experience on large[…]

Animated Explainer Video Kuala Lumpur at RM 2000

 Explainer Videos, SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL OFFER for just  RM 2000/- was RM 5000 *Limited videos. Only one order per customer. WIF creates Award-Winning and Viral Animated Explainer Videos. Located in Petaling Jaya. Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia. Startup explainer videos for RM. 2000 was RM 5000 that still looks good! Just send us your Script & Logo and we’ll[…]

Develop complex Apps rapidly

“Creating complex apps has been an easy streamlined process!” Said no one. Startup companies face multiple development and timeline challenges.   1. Getting noticed! Got an awesome idea? Cool! Almost everybody in this millennium has one, though. The most difficult part of developing apps is to start thinking about an idea that will get noticed.[…]

Lead Generation, Audience Psychology and Video Marketing

Welcome! I’m Mark. I am a corporate video & documentary filmmaker. I write about Lead Generation, Audience Psychology, and Video Marketing. Leave your EMAIL below to receive cheat sheets and updates. You can always write to me at or comment on any of my articles and ask a question, too. I’d love to answer your[…]

Can I Upload a Copyrighted Video to YouTube Copyright?

YouTube copyright and music copyright: Whiteboard Animation Video for Video Marketing & Content Creation How do people monetize copyrighted material on YouTube? A lot of us have been observing a ton of copyrighted material being re-uploaded on YouTube. Having an astronomical number of views. What’s worse, is that these videos are even monetised. And the channels are growing[…]

Why you shouldn’t become a YouTube Content Creator

The most common question I get is How do I make money on YouTube? or How do I get more Subscribers and YouTube views? There’s buzz online, on starting a YouTube Channel. YouTube has been projecting “Content creators” as the best job in the world. The new age celebrities. And to top that, a sense[…]

Video marketing statistics strategy

Video Marketing Statistics India

When you’re looking to boost sales online, to your product or service. Video Marketing Statistics could shed some light on the effectiveness of adding video marketing strategy to your campaign. Video Marketing Statistics 2016. With a well-planned video marketing strategy you could look at an increase of 85% in interactivity on your campaign.  Videos as[…]