Top 20 words that make people Retweet your posts

Have you ever wonder what words work and don’t on Twitter? Be sure to use these top twenty words that will make it more likely for fellow tweeps retweet you. Here is the list of the top 20 words that are most retweeted on Twitter. you twitter please retweet post blog social free media help please[…]

Nine Tips for successful online video marketing

  There is no doubt that online video marketing is on the rise. Here are nine tips to make your video marketing project successful online. Online video marketing campaigns are attractive to both the public as well as to many businesses. Making a video and posting it online has proven to be extremely cost effective and reaches a wider[…]

How to be effective in front of the camera?

Today being effective in your video communication is most imperative to establish your brand. Putting your face out there establishes trust and really exposes the DNA of a brand or organisation As an entrepreneur of a small business, a startup or a leader at a corporate organisation you must expect to see yourself in front of a[…]

Training Videos Bangalore India

Instagram Automation Tools

Finding social media automation for your #startup or #smallbiz could be a bit overwhelming. There are many results for pay per follows but automation tools are somehow esoteric. Out of all the social media platforms I’ve found Instagram most intriguing and equally hard to automate. Instagram is a quintessential part of any social media campaign because it[…]

Instagram Automation for brands

Automating your social media for a brand or business could appear to be nothing short of a dream come true. A quick google search will reveal over 6 million results and you’ll find heaps of gigs on Fiverr too. Let’s explore! The manual formula that most social media experts recommend is a relevant post, properly[…]

Actors Needed

Actors Needed for Social Activism Film Topics: Save the girl child, Right to education and Human trafficking.   Web Interactive Films produces corporate films, documentaries, web series and short films. We are looking for interested actors for various roles for some of our ongoing projects. We are accepting self-taped audition and links. Kindly share your details and[…]

Filmmaking & Digital Marketing Internship in Bangalore


Film making & Digital marketing Internship in Bangalore Web Interactive Films is offering a very exciting Film-making and Digital Marketing internship. You will be working with the most trending topics on the internet like tech, activism, startups and short films. You will be interviewing people and writing inspirational stories and then producing interview videos. You[…]

Startup Video for INR 10k

Startup Live Action Explainer Video for your #Startup with Video marketing: 5k views on YouTube. All available dates have been blocked at the moment. We’re shortly opening new slots . Price:  NOW: INR. 10,000/-. Was: Rs. 60k   Connect with us for your #startup video Get a top quality, professional, high impact video for your Startup. Explainer Videos drive[…]

Explainer Videos

  Animated Explainer videos were born in Bangalore. Bangalore is truly a city for entrepreneurs. A lot of us can’t wait to give up our jobs and build our startup with unlimited possibilities. Getting grants, investments or signing up clients can take quite a while. What we need to make life easy for our budding[…]