CHOICE Life Insurance introduces Investshield


As an entrepreneur. your success mostly depends on your business. CHOICE Life Insurance has launched a plan called the #InvestShieldiNVESTSHIELD Plan; the plan is part protection and part investment. This is the perfect combination of freedom from the niggling thoughts of protection cover for your family and value for money investments combined.

Entrepreneurs and Personal Finance.

While bootstrapping a startup, your personal finance can sometimes suffer. Being an entrepreneur can also mean, that you could be cash-strapped at times. All your payments go out from your personal savings. You might be even paying for your business with a credit card. Cutting your expenses may help, but is not a long-term solution. Making consistent investments have always been a proven formula for growth and financial freedom.

Financial Plans.

ULIP Investshield corporate production

There are many financial plans in the market and most entrepreneurs have been considering separate plans for insurance protection and for investment. The InvestShield plan has a plethora of benefit options that would be ideal for you, especially if you have got the DNA of an entrepreneur. #InvestShield has a unique feature where the plan covers you from adverse situations. Making sure that your family is protected, giving you that added freedom and peace of mind to go all the way and build your company into a huge success. The plan is customizable and offers multiple benefits to cater to your requirements. Moreover, the plan also provides value for money on your investments which are imperative when you need to be clever and make the most out of your finances.

One of the reasons why most people shy away from investment plans are the cumbersome processes involved in procuring and maintaining such plans. Getting insurance and dealing with agents and complex paperwork is not the best experience for anyone. There is good news, however; #InvestShield from CHOICE Life Insurance is designed for ease of use, keeping us customers in mind.

How do you get started?

ULIP Investshield corporate production

Investshield is simple! It is easily available at your finger-tips! Follow the link InvestShield, Customize your plan by Simply selecting your benefit options and that’s it!

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