Video Marketing & Video Production

Welcome to the first edition of video marketing and video production. Don’t just do “Video”! Every single year, the video statistics are overwhelming; the entire world wide web may be screaming: “You got to get on board with video”. But hey! If you don’t do it right, you’re probably risking your company and brand by[…]

Whiteboard Explainer Video Kuala Lumpur

Whiteboard Explainer Video at RM 2000/- INTRODUCTORY PROMOTIONAL OFFER.  *Limited videos. Only one order per customer. WIF creates Award-Winning and Whiteboard Explainer Videos. Located in Petaling Jaya. Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia. Whiteboard Explainer video animation for RM. 2000/- that still looks good! Just send us your Script and we’ll do the rest!   At RM 2000/- This[…]

Corporate Film Production Bangalore

Video production Malaysia

Corporate Video Production! We’re not here to sell! We want to share your story. Coporate video at RM 1300. If you’re a startup and looking for a video production company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? WIF has some awesome introductory offers this month. We have an award winning team with heaps of professional experience on large[…]

Animated Explainer Video Kuala Lumpur at RM 2000

 Explainer Videos, SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL OFFER for just  RM 2000/- was RM 5000 *Limited videos. Only one order per customer. WIF creates Award-Winning and Viral Animated Explainer Videos. Located in Petaling Jaya. Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia. Startup explainer videos for RM. 2000 was RM 5000 that still looks good! Just send us your Script & Logo and we’ll[…]

How to be effective in front of the camera?

Today being effective in your video communication is most imperative to establish your brand. Putting your face out there establishes trust and really exposes the DNA of a brand or organisation As an entrepreneur of a small business, a startup or a leader at a corporate organisation you must expect to see yourself in front of a[…]

Startup Video for INR 10k

Startup Live Action Explainer Video for your #Startup with Video marketing: 5k views on YouTube. All available dates have been blocked at the moment. We’re shortly opening new slots . Price:  NOW: INR. 10,000/-. Was: Rs. 60k   Connect with us for your #startup video Get a top quality, professional, high impact video for your Startup. Explainer Videos drive[…]

Web Commercials

What makes an explainer video company special?

Explainer Videos explain an idea, service or product in 120 seconds or less. Let’s go through a listicle of some of the nuances that make Web Interactive Films, an explainer video company all that special. #1 Humour. If you want to connect or engage an audience you want to shy away from being too stiff[…]

Explainer Videos

  Animated Explainer videos were born in Bangalore. Bangalore is truly a city for entrepreneurs. A lot of us can’t wait to give up our jobs and build our startup with unlimited possibilities. Getting grants, investments or signing up clients can take quite a while. What we need to make life easy for our budding[…]

Corporate Film Production Bangalore

Corporate Video

When it comes to corporate video productions, Web Interactive Films is one of the best in the country. We have to go further when it comes to producing amazing corporate video content. The Corporate video prerogative is to fulfill the management’s primary goal: Educate their people. clients, new recruits or customers. Connect with us!   […]