Training Videos

Training Videos

Change on any level is hard. Employees usually find it stressful to embrace something new, at least in the beginning. With a training video everyone is on the same page. A quick training video can help employees improve their skills, meanwhile they don’t have to give up a whole day. They can now have access[…]


Infographics trends have been constantly on rise every year. There has been a rise on online search for Infographics by 7 percent from 2014 to 2015. In our objective to package data beautifully make information attractive and place it into a pretty box, Infographics has been a goto tool for us. Infographics bring beautiful imagery,[…]

Interactive Videos

Interactive videos helps businesses connect with customers. Now there’s a way that visitors can chose what content to consume. Interactive Videos grows active consumer participation to build relationships and doubles conversions; that’s twice the response. Interactive videos cater to customers that are more engaged and make every visit a quality visit. Interactive Videos are more[…]