Develop complex Apps rapidly

“Creating complex apps has been an easy streamlined process!” Said no one. Startup companies face multiple development and timeline challenges.



1. Getting noticed!

Got an awesome idea? Cool! Almost everybody in this millennium has one, though. The most difficult part of developing apps is to start thinking about an idea that will get noticed. One of the most common pitfalls is that most apps lack a strong differentiator. Everybody seems to be developing the same solution. This is why it is imperative to get you app noticed. No one will download it unless you are very loud. How do you get noticed when there are millions of apps on the stores? The best way to rise above the competition is to develop value apps. This means you develop superior algorithms that are reliable, and constantly find better ways to interact with your users.

2. Establishing clear Goals

According to Statista, the top three apps with highest user engagement are
eCommerce or Retail, followed by Entertainment apps and thirdly, all-apps. Any top-grossing mobile app is always customized to service a specific target audience. Knowing who you are targeting can help establish clear goals for development and updates. The developers will also have a clearer scope of work and will be able to develop better features for their users. Also, goals should be established to acquire active users or app downloads.

3. Project Management

Assemble an effective team to handle your app development. Breaking up your app development into smaller projects is one of the best ways to efficiently build an app. Sometimes the app development might not be completed in-house and you may need to work with expert teams from outside. Especially if you are working on new and different technologies to develop your app. You may have to designate multiple teams for design, Usability and User Experience, Development, Marketing and Social Media.

4. Communication

Working together as a team is all about efficient communication. Look for solutions that provide instant messaging with Private, Group Chats, Media Sharing and Broadcasting so that different teams may be on the same page. Consider tools that will also help your team drive collaboration and efficiency. Having a tool that can also manage or curate your customer interactions and provide a platform to respond more efficiently to their queries can secure your app growth and minimize drop outs.

5. Making the app interactive

Why are the uninstall and unsubscribe metrics of apps so important? App developers spend heaps of time providing quality content and solutions to their users. When there is a lack of “connect” and usability, users bounce. Making the app interactive serves the user with the right amount of stickiness that even corporates and brands look out for. Engage with your users and make updates to your app, to interact with them better.

6. Mobile Content Management

Today mobile apps have become the authoritative streams to drive content to your audience. Naturally, it’s imperative to have secure mobile content management. Users stay active knowing that their data is secure and your app is reliable. The same holds true for the content creation teams as well.

7. Promoting and Marketing the App

Let’s face it. You may have an excellent app but if your campaign isn’t loud enough your target users aren’t going to find it. If you have the budget and creative resources to realize your marketing campaign, you will find it easier to reach your target group and grow become on of the top apps in your niche. Developing a marketing strategy is key to the success of any campaign. Establish time lines early in your campaign planning. Consider a pre-launch campaign, having necessary tracking to assess the ROI of your campaign and the promotion over social media, email, and optimization. Focus on leveraging on feedback, interactivity, and influencers as well. Being consistent in your communication and branding is key to user engagement and recall.

8. Stop re-inventing!

While taking matters into your own hands is commendable; A lot of mundane tasks may be streamlined with the help of a tool or development platform. Having an effective workflow is key to the success of your app development.

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