Guess what Vlogs can do for your video marketing campaign

Vlogs have evolved to the most popularly consumed video format for 2017 and video marketers have been reinventing their video marketing strategy ever since.

We all are quite familiar with the term “blog”. Blog is short for Web-log, what started out to be online journals or logs that were updated regularly.  An avenue to oneself to the world. Through blogs one could share their thoughts and passions. Earlier, blogs were just a platform for people to write about their day-to-day lives and even mundane activities. This became popular and entertained many readers to get a peek into someone elses world from someone elses point of view. Today, bloggers write about all topics under the Sun, from how to’s, all the way to “honest” product reviews.

When YouTube overtook Yahoo search, online video couldn’t be ignored. Content creators took to vlogs and brands jumped onto the bandwagon too. Vlogging has become more popular as equipment became cheaper and software became freely available.

Viewers may interact with published videos with likes, votes and comments. But what goes behind the scenes? Vlogs have evolved a very interesting and quick workflow to create video content from anywhere in the world. This is something spectacular and unique to our generation.


Why Vlogs?


1.) Vlogs have a wider reach and audience. With the emergence of websites like Youtube, it has become easy to make and promote more video based content. FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter are all offering video.

2.) Videos are more likely to go viral than any other type of media. Recent researches have shown that videos are more watched, enjoyed and shared than the text.

3.) Vlogs help the viewer to understand better. People are highly unlikely to read large description but when these features are translated into a video, it automatically grabs attention of people and makes it interesting; like in the tutorial videos about how to do a makeover or makeup, or how to cook a fine poached egg?

4.) Adding further, vlogs build relationships with viewers. “Vloggers” often share experiences from their own personal lives. This develops trust and bonding in a relationship. Emotion is a key component to establish a connection or relationship with your audience.

The content creation game is always changing and it can be overwhelming to play catch-up for video marketing. Moreover, vlogs are evolving into live streaming and even embracing cross platform integration to have live interaction with viewers. The main reason why vlogs are so crucial to your marketing plan is because you are dealing with a targeted audience who trust the vlogger and the vlogger already has a substantial subscription base that needs to be monetised.

Content creators have a tremendous insight into the buyers persona. They understand what features an tasks are important to them. They empathize and know how their viewers think. They recommend best solutions on the fly.


Vlogs vs Ad Commercials
Customising your pitch and connecting a task based solution to the viewers becomes easier since it’s a dialogue instead of forcefully pushing a commercial.


Inbound v/s Outbound Video Marketing
Video marketing however has a different life cycle for inbound and outbound marketing. Just one kind of video is usually not the best solution. Take for example a user who visits your website in search of a product or service that you provide. He most probably has researched your competition. What he is looking for is unique selling points and reasons to chose you over your competitors. Your homepage video should clearly take visitors through your unique features and have a clear call to action to route visitors to your sales process. However, when you look at outbound marketing videos you’re looking at grabbing attention and entertaining viewers so that they spend more time on your video and are motivated to visit your website.

Budgets play an important role to determine the never ending battle between branding, entertainment and product features. A high level animated explainer video could explain the product quickly on the home page of your websites to help viewers who are comparing similar products online.

Good Samaritan, storyteller, filmmaker and convivial marketing companion. Mark writes about lead generation and video marketing for corporate films and explainer video production.