How to be effective in front of the camera?

Today being effective in your video communication is most imperative to establish your brand. Putting your face out there establishes trust and really exposes the DNA of a brand or organisation

As an entrepreneur of a small business, a startup or a leader at a corporate organisation you must expect to see yourself in front of a camera. This is the direction in which the media wind seems to be blowing; video.

Video marketing is the most trending and growing media format in the industry. 69% of executives visit websites of vendors after watching a video.

Sooner or later you and I would be required to feature in our videos too. Just a photograph as your display picture might not suffice. It’s about time we invest in building a relationship with the camera.

Live Action Explainer Video Mark DSouza
Live Action Explainer Video Mark DSouza

Being confident in front of a camera doesn’t really come naturally to anyone. Everyone gets nervous. For most part of it being nervous shows that you take the medium and you’re viewers seriously, which is a good thing.

The most common problem is people try once or twice and then they give up.

The world is not big. The world is actually quite small because of our advances in communication. If you want to be effective? Think of the people you are talking to. Fall in love with the idea of connecting with them. Entertaining them. Helping them.

So where do I start? You may ask? Start with thinking about where you are going and where you want to be?

Here are 8 golden tips to be effective in front of the camera:

1. Wear comfortable clothing and avoid fabrics that have small patterns or lines. Go with a solid colour.
2. Have good posture. Sit upright and look confident.
3. Feel free to emote with your eyes, use silence and hand gestures for dramatic emphasis. But don’t let your hands wave across your face keep them below your chest line. Or find a good place for your hands if they’re too much of a distraction.
4. Viewers catch on fast so don’t be fake. Smile with your eyes. Be the person you want to be. Use your natural God given voice.
5. How fast or slow should you speak? The right speed is the time you would take to enunciate every word clearly.
6. Breathing is good. Take a deep breath. Make short sentences and don’t forget to breathe between them.
7. Where do you look? If you are typically addressing the audience watching the video, then you look directly into the camera. If you are working in an interview setup with a host, you look at the host while answering. You want to look off camera that is just behind the camera or to the side of the lens. In this situation the camera is treated as a fly on the wall and you don’t pay any attention to it.
8. Finally repetition makes results. So practice in front of your mirror for at least 10 minutes.

Good Samaritan, storyteller, filmmaker and convivial marketing companion. Mark writes about lead generation and video marketing for corporate films and explainer video production.