Infographics trends have been constantly on rise every year. There has been a rise on online search for Infographics by 7 percent from 2014 to 2015.

In our objective to package data beautifully make information attractive and place it into a pretty box, Infographics has been a goto tool for us.

Infographics bring beautiful imagery, themes and type face into boring spreadsheets and graphs, making your content attractive, entertaining, easy to understand for your visitors and most of all viral.

Marying Infographics and video with a smidge of motion graphics and sfx, we are able to create some of the most interesting and entertaining presentation videos for startups and corporates.

We use your inputs and raw data to graphic design some very interesting Infographics slides based on latest trends and personalise the designs according to the brand guidelines.
On approval these elements are animated. Voice over, music and sound effects are slapped on and our Infographics video is ready to go.

We’re based in Bangalore, India. We’ve been working with infographics video projects from all major cities in India and internationally as well.

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Good Samaritan, storyteller, filmmaker and convivial marketing companion. Mark writes about lead generation and video marketing for corporate films and explainer video production.