Instagram Automation for brands

Automating your social media for a brand or business could appear to be nothing short of a dream come true. A quick google search will reveal over 6 million results and you’ll find heaps of gigs on Fiverr too.

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Let’s explore! The manual formula that most social media experts recommend is a relevant post, properly tagged and if possible even trending every couple of hours. The next step to acquire more followers would be to like feeds posted by your target followers and finally to seal the deal you follow interesting user accounts. You might want to also further filter the accounts for spammers and verified accounts that don’t follow you back. Or more often than not the devious fellow that follows you and drops you after a couple of hours. Assuming you’re posting the best relevant content and doing it the right way you might think it’s fair to assume that users would be queuing up to like your posts and follow you back. More often than not you’d realise that this isn’t the case and the only sustainable viable option would be to hire a social media marketing company or buy followers through ads.
Let’s explore the option of automation now. Imagine a service that would auto like posts and auto follow users based on a set criteria of filters based on hashtags and locations. Furthermore the service might also check for spam accounts seeing that they mass follow a lot of accounts, meanwhile share very litte content. The service hearts posts that fall into our specified criteria and even comments automatically on some of the posts. It would also want to unfollow users that don’t follow you back.
So what could the downside? Well, we might be looking at mostly following and liking a lot of spam since these accounts use a lot of popular tags. Your brand might be randomly commenting on too many posts with irrelevant comments and users may report your account as spam. And an all around increased chance of loosing your social media account. This is most likely since the service providers generate revenue through paid ads and automation is in direct conflict of their core interests.
What would I recommend! A controlled mix of automation and the human touch! There are a lot of brilliant analytics tools that can tell you more about your followers and your posts and how they respond to them. The insights can help you tweak your content for better user engagement and automation could be used to target similar users but in moderation.

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