Instagram Automation Tools

Finding social media automation for your #startup or #smallbiz could be a bit overwhelming. There are many results for pay per follows but automation tools are somehow esoteric. Out of all the social media platforms I’ve found Instagram most intriguing and equally hard to automate. Instagram is a quintessential part of any social media campaign because it supports your product photography and video marketing objectives of your campaign directly. Capture and publish! Instantly!

Here are two tools that actually work, they don’t cost an arm and a leg but they don’t come free either. Considering hiring a social media team these tools do come handy.

The first one is Instagress that is priced starting from USD 2 to USD 10 for upto 30 days. The amazing part about Instagress is that it automates comments, likes and follows that can be configured in a couple of minutes.


Training Videos Bangalore India

Training Videos Bangalore India


Instamacro however takes the cake and the icing, it is an auto follow machine. It follows a mental number of users as soon as you’ve dialed in your preferences. Instamacro however doesn’t come cheap and is priced at USD 10.

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