Nine Tips for successful online video marketing


There is no doubt that online video marketing is on the rise. Here are nine tips to make your video marketing project successful online. Online video marketing campaigns are attractive to both the public as well as to many businesses. Making a video and posting it online has proven to be extremely cost effective and reaches a wider audience when compared to the advertisements that run while we watch our 9 ‘o’ clock movies and TV shows. Numerous examples such as Dove’s “real women, real rewards”  and Whisper’s campaign “Touch the pickle” have proved this point. How exactly have these businesses created successful campaigns? Here are a few tips for the people aspiring to create a successful viral online campaign.

1. Emotion

The best campaigns usually appeal to one or more emotions of the viewers. Invoking a strong emotional response in the viewer has the effect of making the ad seem more relatable to the viewer and has a long lasting impression in the mind, making it stand out and remembered in a positive aspect. Evoking an emotional response to your online campaign shows the viewers what your brand stands for and how it can represent humanity through touching our senses.


2. Address an issue

When you consider Whisper’s touch the pickle campaign, it is a clear example of how the positive impact of addressing an issue, be it social, political or religious, can do your campaign wonders. Addressing an issue has the added benefit of evoking an emotional response to the ad if the issue addressed caters to the culture of the targeted audience. So know your audience well.


3. Go beyond YouTube

Sure YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform. But it isn’t the only method out there. Sharing your video on the site doesn’t necessarily ensure that it will be seen by the target audience. Go beyond YouTube. Create a Facebook page and even a twitter account. Post information about your business on your page and provide URLs to your company’s website and even the videos you post on YouTube on your Facebook page. Spend a little money to ensure that your Facebook page is accessible to a wide audience and not just to people who are searching specifically for your company.


4. Don’t make it a sales pitch

Nobody ever enjoyed it when greasy salesmen knocked on your door and made their pitch to try and convince you to buy a product you knew you would never use. So don’t make that similar pitch in your video. Center the video around the story and the message you are trying to convey about your company rather than about the product you’re trying to sell. This will keep the viewers interested and compel them to watch on till the end, rather than shut the door on your face.


5. Short and sweet

The average person has the attention span of less than 25 seconds. So your objective should be to catch the viewer’s attention within the first 5-10 seconds and then go on to convey the message. Grab their attention by asking a question and use teasers to immediately hook them in.


6. Optimise for search

There are plenty of tactics you can use to ensure your videos are found easily on popular search engines. The description of your video is the most important aspect. Descriptions allow Google’s search spiders to make sense of your video and better understand what the content entails. So ensure that your video’s description is tagged with relative keywords and has a unique title.


7. Educate

Studies have proved that most people prefer education through visual means. So educating your audience through video marketing is a powerful tool. You can teach your prospective customers how to use your product and provide them with useful tips on how to make the most of the product. You could also use this opportunity to show the audience the role and position your company could occupy in their lives and their communities.


8. Call to action

You need to make the most of every second of the video. Use a few seconds at the end of the video to add contact information and propose an enticing call to action. You can ask viewers to sign up for your newsletter, go to a specific website, leave a comment or to visit your blog. If your video is good, you are likely to have the viewers’ full attention so make the most of the last few seconds.


9. Measure results and analyse performance reports

This is the final step and involves thorough and in depth analysis of your campaign and should give you a solid idea of the success of the campaign. Analyzing the results should offer you insights into where you could improve both your campaign as well as your product and company message. Remember! There is always scope for improvement.

Good Samaritan, storyteller, filmmaker and convivial marketing companion. Mark writes about lead generation and video marketing for corporate films and explainer video production.