Training Videos

Change on any level is hard. Employees usually find it stressful to embrace something new, at least in the beginning. With a training video, everyone is on the same page. A quick training video can help employees improve their skills, meanwhile, they don’t have to give up a whole day. They can now have access to content they are interested in, step away irrelevant and boring.

Training Videos increase the average utilisation of eLearning from 35% to 70%. That’s double!

Twice the amount of engaged employees with more skills developed. That’s a lot more productive. Learning doesn’t have to be a long process. People need to go back and do their jobs!

Enhance company communication platforms with training videos and useful tips.

At Web Interactive Films we look at carefully packaging boring mundane stuff into exciting graphics, dramatic entertaining reenactments of case studies and messages from the management. The video is quick it gets to the point and practically shows the viewers what we’re talking about. Keeping your training in check, as needed and just right.