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Video marketing statistics strategy

When you’re looking to boost sales online, to your product or service. Video Marketing Statistics could shed some light on the effectiveness of adding video marketing strategy to your campaign.

Video Marketing Statistics 2016.

With a well-planned video marketing strategy you could look at an increase of 85% in interactivity on your campaign.  Videos as a medium are 600% more effective than both direct mailers and print combined. Let’s see what difference the statistics say that video could add to your marketing strategy.


Small Business:

Over 20% and growing of entrepreneurs and small business post a video every month. Finding a niche and being visible in your target space is imperative. Over 62% of viewers said that poor quality video caused a negative impression of a brand and led them to take their business to another company.

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Adding Video to Email:

Simply by adding the word “video” in the subject line of the video title, causes email open rates to increase. Let’s get down to specifics. MailChimp says that the click through rate for emailers is an average of 3.35%, that is 3 clicks for every 100 emails sent! Now, just by adding a video to it the click through rates increase to 9.6%. 3 times more just by including the word video.


Embedding Video in a Landing Pages:

Every campaign requires a landing page, it might be an order form or a even a contest. Just by adding video to a landing page the effectiveness of a campaign increases by 80%. 60% of visitors will watch a video instead of reading text on a website. That’s not it, what’s even more overwhelming is that 64% of viewers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video.


Publishing Product Videos:

Over 50% of consumers look for more information after consuming a product video. Meanwhile, 65 % will visit the product website and 35% will call the vendor. Most users tell us that they have watched a product video to make a decision before making a purchase online.

Use these stats to help you with your up-coming video marketing strategy. Moreover, from this statistical data, there is a tremendous demand for business to create user generated product videos and individuals or users to create these videos for them. What do you think? Are you a content creator or an entrepreneur? Have you observed a drastic ascend in numbers on your marketing plans by simply including videos? Let me know more in the comments below.


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