Video Marketing & Video Production

Welcome to the first edition of video marketing and video production.

Don’t just do “Video”!

Every single year, the video statistics are overwhelming; the entire world wide web may be screaming: “You got to get on board with video”. But hey! If you don’t do it right, you’re probably risking your company and brand by publishing irrelevant content that doesn’t connect with your audience and it could get even worse, what if no one is watching your videos?

Through a series of posts, I’ll be taking you through the journey of video production all the way through to video marketing. You don’t always need a massive budget for every type of video. Some videos could be shot on a shoe-string budget or on your mobile phone. Meanwhile, product videos or web commercials require a certain degree of professional production so that you can grab the attention of your viewers and showcase your products effectively.

Some of the topics we will look at will be

  1. Pre Video Marketing
  2. Inbound and Outbound Video Marketing
  3. What kind of video production will suit your campaign objective best?
  4. Video Production budgets and Prices
  5. Different work flows for vlogs/ interviews, web commercials, and animated explainer videos.
  6. Understanding what makes videos go viral?
  7. Lead generation with Video.
  8. Audience Retention.
  9. How to leverage on YouTube for your business
  10. Video Marketing Tricks for 2017.

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