What makes an explainer video company special?

Explainer Videos explain an idea, service or product in 120 seconds or less. Let’s go through a listicle of some of the nuances that make Web Interactive Films, an explainer video company all that special.

#1 Humour. If you want to connect or engage an audience you want to shy away from being too stiff or formal. An explainer video with a funny bone will take you a long way and might even turn viral.

#2 Get to the point. Explainer videos are quick, so we want to quickly get to the point and touch on establishing the need of your business to a potential customers.

#3 Show us! People want to see your app, product, business working. Showing them how things work help visitors understand what you do?

#4 Simple & Sweet! We want to keep the videos short and sweet most videos under 3 minutes but we’ve done videos that are 30 seconds and they’ve worked wonderfully too.

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