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Whiteboard Explainer Video at RM 2000/- INTRODUCTORY PROMOTIONAL OFFER. 

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WIF creates Award-Winning and Whiteboard Explainer Videos. Located in Petaling Jaya. Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia.

Whiteboard Explainer video animation for RM. 2000/- that still looks good!
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At RM 2000/- This Video Explainer package includes:

  • Up to 200 Words
  • 90 Seconds Run Time
  • Scriptwriting
  • Full HD (1080p)
  • Original customised vector graphics & animation
  • Background Music, Sound Effects
  • Minimum: 6 days Delivery

WIF. Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia.
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If you are setting up a startup or business, you are probably looking to produce a whiteboard explainer video. A whiteboard video is a derivative of the traditional corporate or ad presentation on a whiteboard with a marker. This style of animation is a no-nonsense approach used even by top brands like Coca-Cola to help viewers understand complex ideas, figures, and numbers. Traditionally whiteboard animations are drawn with popular marker colours like black, red, blue, and green on a white background. Using a coloured background really defeats the whole idea of developing a “whiteboard animation”.

It’s difficult and rather embarrassing to blow your own trumpet at a presentation. But what if somebody could do that for you? Recommend you to your customers. Can? A whiteboard video could do just that. It could tell your story and share your achievements with your audience by setting a positive influential tone. A whiteboard animation can increase your audience’s attention to what you would say next…

Whiteboard animations are usually not story-tellers, they are not the best way to communicate emotions. The videos, however, leverage on numbers and data to wow the viewers rather than storytelling and emotion. When you need to explain a complex task or concept, whiteboard explainer animations do a fantastic job. They provide minimum distractions to the viewers, meanwhile use powerful marketing and influencing techniques to convince the viewers.

How are whiteboard animations created?

Whiteboard animations are usually either live action time-lapse shots of a real hand drawing frames on a lightboard or the different frames are first drawn in vectors and a hand is animated to reveal each slide. Zoom in effect is keyframed to bring focus to sub-topics in a slide. There are also apps and templates available, however, they have quick methods of simple dissolve transitions to reveal slides. They don’t give the illusion of a hand drawing the different strokes. This creates a negative perception of the brand and is viewed as a low budget slideshow of whiteboard slides similar to a powerpoint presentation.

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