WIF Corporate Video Production Bangalore

When it comes to corporate video productions, Bangalore, Web Interactive Films is one of the best in the country. We have to go further when it comes to producing amazing corporate video content. The Corporate video prerogative is to fulfill the management’s primary goal: Educate their people. clients, new recruits or customers.

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Corporate Video Production Services

  • Corporate Films
  • Animated Explainer Video 
  • Product Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Commercial and Corporate Photography 

How much will a world-class quality corporate video cost?

Typically corporate videos start from INR 35,000 for interviews and average at around INR. 2,50,000. We set high standards so that our productions are good enough for television broadcast; meanwhile, they are still produced on a comparatively tight budget. We always believe you shouldn’t unnecessarily pay too much. Our typical crew size is between 8 to 12 people. Our filmmaking team is well-seasoned with professional members having over 10 years of industry work experience. We manage costs efficiently; so that the crew and equipment are paid for on completion of the shoot. Food and transport and breaks are all well managed.

The primary objective is to always educate your target audience. But not overwhelm them. People love to see a job get done quickly and well. Creating compelling video content requires experience and a lot of planning. We’re not too fond of last-minute projects but we’ve done a fair amount of them that has us well prepared even if something comes up for the next day. Corporate videos engage the audio and visual senses of our viewers. It will impact the brand perception of the company, increases trust factors among viewers and is 60% more effective than any other form of media. We produce over 300 videos every year, we produce world-class high-quality videos that comply with the latest broadcast and electronic news gathering specifications.