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Web Interactive Films, professional corporate filmmakers in Bangalore. Corporate videos help your business rise above the chaff in a competitive IT market in Bangalore and all around the world.

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Why choose Web Interactive Films?

Corporate film makers in bangalore are revolutionising the way videos have been produced

India is projected to beat the United States when it comes to video consumption in India this year.

Copious amounts of videos are consumed in corporate circles every day. Businesses from major metro cities and small towns alike in India are consuming and putting out short-form videos to promote their businesses.

Video as a format is the most consumed type of media in Bangalore and in India. Workforces being subjected to work from home strategies. People all over India, are spending more time on their devices. They are glued to their laptops, tablets and mobile devices. What is surprising is that our corporate workforces are spending more time on smaller smartphone screens than ever before.

People don’t care about high-value video productions anymore

As a corporate video making company in Bangalore, India we look forward to high ticket value productions so that we have the budgets and creativity to create world-class videos. However, the way people are perceiving content has evolved in leaps and bounds. It is not necessary to have high-value productions with celebrity endorsements anymore.

What has drastically changed is the way video is consumed. What does your audience look for when they tap a play button?

Corporate viewers are now looking at video content as the most important criteria to consume your message.

What happens after your client watches the first 4 seconds of your video?

Is your logo interesting enough to keep them engaged? Video content matters, what you have to say and how you say it matters the most to your audience.

High production costs and elaborate aerial angles mean less to nothing to the corporate audience. The way videos are consumed and produced, both have evolved drastically in the last few months. This is why corporate businesses should quickly rethink their video marketing and communication strategies to connect with businesses and their remote teams.

Corporate film makers in bangalore

When it comes to corporate video productions, in Bangalore, Web Interactive Films has created 1000s of creatives for top brands like Nike, Schneider Electric, and Samsung.

We have to go further when it comes to producing amazing corporate video content. Corporate video prerogative is to fulfil the management’s primary goal: Educate their people. clients, new recruits or customers.

Would you like to increase your business with a corporate video marketing strategy?

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Corporate Video Production Services provided in Bangalore, India

Corporate Video Production Services

Corporate films engage the audio, visual, and emotional senses of your viewers. The story is to motivate and encourage your audience. Working with a professional corporate video production company in Bangalore, India will increase the impact of the brand perception of your organisation.

Entrusting your message to an experienced video content creation companies in India. WIF will increase the effectiveness of your video production.

Experience working with a professional and dedicated team with 20 years of experience.

60% more effective than any other old formats of media production

Know more about strategies that can increase the trust factors among your viewers. Experience 60% more effective than any other old formats of media production.

We produce over 300 videos every year, world-class high-quality videos that comply with the latest broadcast and electronic newsgathering specifications.