How do I make the best explainer video?

A good or rather best explainer video always comes out understanding your target group, doing a better production compared to your competition and doing justice to your story.

  1. Understanding your audience:
    When you live, breathe and talk to your audience: You know what they like? What they relate to? and How they react to situations? When developing your story all these nuances come into play, as you understand your different characters in your explainer video script better, you will be able to tell your story from different points of view and dimensions. You will start to ask yourself, What elements must go into the background visuals of your explainer? What view or frame would suit the intensity or passion of that dialogue? Should it be a close-up, top angle, suggestion-view? So if you know your audience and you develop a story around this information and address their problem areas, you will have something that they can connect with and as a result, they will more likely engage with your video and share it among their peers.
  2. Don’t overkill with features and benefits.
    A lot of us are very passionate about our business. We often think: hey! if I tell my viewers every feature and benefit it will connect with them better. Or it will connect to a much larger demographic. Meanwhile, for a viewer, it feels like an overwhelming download of unnecessary information and propaganda being pushed at them. Naturally, this won’t pique their interest. They are most likely to switch to another tab or view something else.“Get to the heart of the matter!” and “Keep the main thing the main thing.”So the sooner you get to the point and also get to the heart of the matter which is typical, How will my service change your life for the better? or to the effect of “How will I help you save time? So that you could do things that you love?”
  3. We are all natural born storytellers. Tell your story.
    We have learned and transferred information over generations through folklore and stories. It’s a very primal behavior. So using storytelling narrative in your script structure will help engage and satisfy viewers. It will leave them with a positive impression of your brand and business.
  4. When you’ve got the right story and tested it out, it’s also time to see What is my competition doing? What kind of video is working for them? What kind of animation and characters are they using? This is an easy step, be hypercritical about your competitions video so that you can fix things and make yours better. We’re all mostly pretty good at criticizing other people’s work, and rather enjoy it too. Anytime, you’re not sure what to do, the best cheat or video hack is to look at what your competition is doing. So look at what your competition is doing before you create your animated explainer video.
  5. Doing justice to your story. Now, a story needs to be told well with all the bells and whistles. Yes? But often, we have restraints, we understand that explainer videos need to be short, typically 2 to 3 minutes. And we don’t always have huge budgets. Cut your coat according to your cloth. See what best you can do with your budget. Creating low-quality explainer videos can be hugely harmful to your brand. They can ruin your brand perception. Viewers will look at your brand in a negative light. So if you’re not ready for a good quality video to consider maybe a very well designed powerpoint slide with characters and speech bubbles. A video is not the only way to tell stories. The slides could also be converted into a video. They’ll look static but they’ll still look customized and will be engaging.

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