Cool Drone Filming Techniques

At least many of us have fallen in love with videos or photos that seem to have been captured from mid-air. YouTube and other similar platforms are rife with them and at some point, you might have asked yourself “what does it take to make such cool videos?”

Well, first off, you are going to require a drone. Not just any drone but a really good drone. Fortunately, recently manufactured drones come complete with advanced cinematic features and this makes things even better not just for amateur drone pilots but those who’d like to try out new and unique ways of taking videos.

So, we’ll take a look at five tips that will help you master how to make cool videos with drones.

Steer Clear of The Wind

Every country has regulations as to how high you can fly your drone. In the US, for instance, the maximum height you are allowed to go is 400 feet. Nonetheless, flying your drone that high isn’t exactly going to work to your advantage.

The higher you go, the windier it will become. And the unfortunate thing about such windy situations is that your videos are going to be shakier and really distracting to the eyes.

That’s why it’s best to fly low, probably 100-300 feet, and on days that don’t appear to be windy. This way you will create stable videos that are smooth as well.

Map the Area

Just before you start to fly your drone, take a moment to scrutinize the location and if possible, make use of Google Earth to map it out. This is necessary because as you fly, expect to run into trees, electric poles, high-rise buildings or other obstacles that could block your flight path.

Among the things, you should be most worried about is your drone crashing, causing damage or an accident. But mapping the environment will save you such trouble and more importantly, your video will be seamless.

Shaky swerves will definitely make your video unstable and inconsistent and that’s something we all want to avoid.

Find Scenic Locations

Location really matters a lot. In fact, it should be your first consideration before going to take drone videos. So scout for places that are likely to look beautiful, colourful and strikingly expressive from the sky.

Google maps could, again, be a lot more useful here. Get a couple of locations and narrow down to the few you believe are better. This doesn’t mean you should always fly over new places. You can pick locations you’ve been to several times and find unique angles to capture the location from the sky.

Remember to also inquire about flying over the area as it’s illegal to fly over some places.

Fly Slowly and Subtly

Obviously, you will feel compelled to film just about everything you see, meaning your focus will be severely divided. The bad side of this is that you might end up with many footages that won’t be really usable in the end.

It’s, therefore, best to narrow your focus to one thing at a time. You can edit the different footages later. Remember to also keep your movement steady and slow while flying over locations of interest in order to avoid inconsistencies.

Also, keep in mind that speed matters and so, whatever you choose will influence the mood of your video.

A few other things to note include:

  •         Keep your drone videos short
  •         If possible, film at either sunrise or sunset
  •         Check out other weather conditions
  •         Try out different settings without being extreme in each

It would also be great if you learn basic video production techniques just so that you will have it easier editing your videos to suit your specific purpose. If it’s for corporate use, you can click here to learn more.

That’s all for now, folks. If you execute these tips well enough, you will be on your way to making exceptional aerial drone footage. It doesn’t matter whether the footage is for personal, commercial or corporate use, the tips apply to just about any situation.

Good luck.

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