Corporate Video Production Workflow

When we approach a professional corporate video, we first work on a script.


Typically a script is developed from some raw points shared from the client like a PPT or an email. This is developed into a story. It is next, also imagined visually and broken down into different scenes. It is usually tabulated into a spreadsheet with the script along with the description of each scene.


This script is then translated into a presentation or hand drawn storyboard.


Actors are cast and shortlisted after auditions. This is taken care by a casting agency. Sometimes the actors are employees of the corporate company itself.

Pre Production

We procure all the props, do a recon of the different locations, make notes about everything that’s needed. Including locations to raw power points for lights. This is typically the responsibility of the assistant director and production manager. If a set needs to be designed an art director is hired.


We have a couple of meetings called pre production meetings to sign off on everything with the corporate.

Production and crew

On the day of the shoot we have a cameraman and camera assistant who deal with the camera. We have a director of photography who sets the lights and checks the frames for consistency and balance. There are lighting assistants who set up and adjust the lights.

The sound engineering team and assistants capture sound using a boom mic and lapel mics that are monitored and se t to an external recording device or the camera.

The assistant director works along with the actors. The director nontiors the scenes and continually gives feedback to the assistant director.

A typical corporate film of a 5 minute duration might take 2 to 3 days to shoot.

Post Production

The footage is then backed up on a separate drive. The assistant director separates the good takes from the non good takes.

The video editor then creates an offline edit according to the storyboard.

Video animation, motion graphics and titles are designed sparately and sent to the editor. VFX is also incorporated sometimes.

Typically a first cut is shared with the client and any changes are incorporated.

We use a voice over from our team as reference for the edit.

Once the edit is approved we get a professional voice over to record the voice.

The video is colour graded to look more cinematic or corporate and to match the lighting and colours from different shots and cameras.

The sound studio adds sound effects, a background music score and the voice over on different layers and then masters the sound.

The video editor then slaps on the sound provided by the studio and publishes a final files as per the requirements and video specifications of the corporate company.

There you have it, just another day at the office!

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