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If searching for a way to edit your home videos, as well as videos that you might be wanting to put on the Internet to create your very own YouTube Channel, free video editing software may be the right fit for all your needs. If you simply want a method to edit your video and are not searching for complicated applications, these free video editing software might help.


Typically, Video Software needs to be download onto your computer and then installed. Thre are also online apps to edit videos that allow you to upload your videos and then edit your videos online. It’s a matter of preference really. What fits your workflow best?  It’s your very own personal opinion of which one you’d rather use.

The Filmmakers’ handbook from the digital age is worth a read to understand the filmmaking process especially video editing.

There are some of us that do not want to install a ton of apps on our computers. Sometimes the editing apps might not suit low specifications. Online editing software will suit these requirements. Maybe, you are using an office laptop. In almost any event, you’ve several other options because online editing software is widely available.

Here is a list of different editing software that you may choose from, for online editing.

  1. InVideo is a very nifty browser-based video creation software. It has advanced and simple customisation options and works best on Google Chrome. Invideo uses free and subscription stock footage to make videos from your text script automatically. You can then customize the titles, edit and alignments to have a working video right from your browser. It is ideal to create social media content for organisations.
  2. WeVideo (Cloud-based)
    Cloud-based video editing programming (i.e., you go online to use this program as opposed to downloading and installing it to your hard drive) is developing increasingly well known.WeVideo certainly offers some more professional elements and usefulness, including sound control abilities and a library of copyrighted music. The free version of WeVideo isn’t without its constraints. One noteworthy drawback is that you’re just given 5GB of distributed storage. In case you’re making a short video, this is fine. But, in case you’re wanting to edit numerous videos, you’ll unquestionably require more space. The free form additionally puts a WeVideo watermark on your recordings, which isn’t a perfect solution.
  3. Pixorial
    Pixorial is one of the more mainstream of the video creation and editing apps that are accessible on the web today. Pixorial is exceedingly easy to use with its video creation and editing UX laid out in an extremely straightforward and intuitive design. You don’t need to be an ace or even know anything about video editing to utilise Pixorial it is really that basic. Pixorial has an Android and in addition, an iOS application that you can download on your smartphone.
  4. Kaltura
    Kaltura is well known and all things considered. It is the main Open Source Online Video Editing Platform in the World. Accessible on Kaltura are professional video editors that enable you to create great videos. This is not to discourage the noobs and those simply exploring the universe of filmmaking. The site is additionally quite simple to use as a novice. What’s more, the most flawlessly awesome thing about Kaltura is that it gives incredible documentation and tutorials as well. You can simply access online when you to need it. Kaltura is a free open-source online video editing application.
    MIXMOOV is an exceptionally easy to edit and effortlessly intuitive Online Video Editor. A standout amongst the most prevalent video altering sites online, MixMoov gives you an online video altering toolkit, which you can additionally modify to make whatever you need.  This award-winning site’s extraordinary very professional and useful editing options.

Here is the list of free Video Editing Softwares that you can download and install on your computer.

  1. Avidemux (Windows/Mac/Linux)Avidemux enables you to do essential video editing (no sound design) without worrying about loss of video quality. Be that as it may, Avidemux has a couple of more tricks up its sleeve.First off, the program bolsters numerous video formats, including AVI, DVD, MPEG, QuickTime, and MP4. Likewise, Avidemux accompanies a few channels that enable you to play out a large group of various capacities, from flipping and turning clasps, to including subtitles, to changing hues and brilliance levels.And keeping in mind that the expectation to learn and adapt for Avidemux is a marginally more extreme contrast with other software on the list, the upside is that there’s a broad Avidemux wiki that details all that you have to know.
  2. Blender (Windows/Mac/Linux)The open source program Blender is something beyond a video editor: It’s an out and out 3D modelling suite, which takes into account demonstrating, rendering, movement following, and the sky is the limit from there.On the video editing side, there are a huge amount of components, including transitions, speed control, channels, change layers, and the sky is the limit from there. There are likewise 32 elements accessible for including video cuts, sound, pictures, and impacts, which means that you can create some unfathomably complex video.For the novice video editor, all the tools that are accessible can be somewhat overwhelming. However, in the event that you’re hoping to create a genuinely proficient quality video – without dealing with watermarks – Blender is a strong alternative.
  3. Lightworks (Windows/Mac/Linux)Like Blender, Lightworks is certainly at the more progressed (and capable) end of the video altering programming range. Indeed, it’s a program that has been utilised to edit some notable and award-winning movies, including Pulp Fiction, L.A. Private, and The King’s Speech. There are two distinct licenses you can browse with Lightworks: “Free” and “Ace.” (The last of which, as you may have speculated, requires that you spend good some money.) The fundamental contrast between the two licenses is that the Pro version offers more elements, including stereoscopic video and extend sharing. However, the free version is still very capable, giving 100+ effects and supporting multi-cam editing.
  4. Machete Video Editor Lite (Windows)At the novice end of the range is Machete Video Editor Lite, which enables you to cut, duplicate, and join diverse clips of video. Machete Video Editor Lite was “intended for simple and basic “cutting” of your video files.”The program’s instinctive interface implies you won’t need to really look up a help file or document. Video Editor Lite doesn’t re-encode your videos while you edit, you don’t need to stress over losing video quality.The fundamental drawbacks to the program? It just supports the AVI and WMV video formats, and it doesn’t take into consideration sound editing and synchronisation. Still, on the off chance that you have zero video editing experience and just need to make basic edits, it’s an awesome choice.
  5. VSDC Free Video Editor (Windows)The VSDC Free Video Editor can create some genuinely professional-looking video. The software supports almost every popular format, the program offers professional video effects, including object transformation and colour grading adjustments, and in addition professional sound effects. What’s more, unlike WeVideo, the VSDC Free Video Editor is really free. You can utilise the program’s full list of capabilities without dealing with bothersome watermarks.Be that as it may, shockingly, there is one catch. On the off chance that you need specialised support, you have to pay.
  6. Wondershare Filmora (Windows/Mac)Wondershare Filmora (Wondershare Video Editor) is the ideal alternative, on the off chance that you are looking for something basic as a beginner.The easy mode creates a video automatically from your footage for you based on a template that you can select.  It includes some music and creates a complete video in a matter of minutes. Go into “Full Feature Mode,” and you’ll have the capacity to do a whole lot more – from editing, transitions, and adding overlays, to playing video clips backwards, to utilising split-screen or picture in picture effects. Sounds like the dream? The free form of Wondershare Filmora adds a watermark to your videos so that you can sign up for their paid services.

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