The Rise of Video as a Powerful Marketing Tool

Video marketing was made huge by the internet. Videos on demand created a big increase in on-demand ad campaigns. The first viral video online hit the internet in 1995. The impact only grew once YouTube launched in 2005. Since then, it’s accumulated billions of video vies per day with over 78.4% of U.S. Internet users watching videos every single day. Marketing on online videos is a multi-billion dollar industry. Traffic to these videos is constantly growing, making videos a consistent and extremely effective marketing strategy useful for any industry or business. In fact, video marketing is a very popular form of advertising with 96% of marketers taking advantage of the platform.

Research by Website Builder further proves the reach and efficacy of video marketing through their video marketing facts. It’s not localized to just YouTube, either. Ads are everywhere on videos. 90% of Facebook’s content is expected to be in video form by 2018. Spending on video ads is almost doubling per year. When it comes to mobile video advertising, the effect is even greater. In the United States, video revenue has increased by 385% since 2011.

There’s a good reason for the extreme growth, too. Video marketing has helped companies boom in popularity and sales revenue. For example, a window blinds company has boosted their sales by 68% and increased their revenue by 92% just by taking on a video marketing campaign. Another great example was TutorVista, a website for connecting tutors with students. TutorVista adopted a marketing campaign through video platforms on their landing page. The result was an 86% increase in conversions.

The growth of video marketing has caused it to surpass all other forms of marketing. 70% of American ad agencies swear by video ads over any other form of marketing, including television. Video ads help viewers retain the information better, and thus increase the likelihood of brand conversions. Video marketing also prompts users to spend more money per order.
The institution of this type of marketing has revolutionized the advertising world and proven itself to be incredibly beneficial to various industries. By adopting a video ad campaign, businesses are seeing big increases in customer bases, customer retention, and revenue increases from more expensive orders. What does this all mean? Well, if your business hasn’t yet jumped on the video ad bandwagon, it’s not too late. Every business can benefit from a great video.

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