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I work with a lot of new startups and corporate organisations to make Corporate VideosProduct and Explainer Videos.

Usually, there are two main categories for video hosting and publishing, when it comes to organisations. This is on account of the material.

  1. Is it exclusive information and does it contain competitive insights and numbers that shouldn’t be shared in the public domain?
  2. Do we want to reach as many targetted viewers as possible

What video hosting is best for your business?

Now, on the other hand, there are product videos. You want to reach as many people as possible and grow viewers and average dwell time. YouTube is the most popular place to host videos. But a lot of startups are looking for other options. A more intuitive dashboard, better analytics and multi-admin privileges. These features are actually more intuitive and work better on YouTube, and we’ll get to that in a bit.

What dissuades startups from sticking with YouTube for their video hosting?

It’s typically the numbers game. With dismal numbers, most new brands are discouraged with the YouTube platform. This has a lot to do with the way Google and YouTube have projected themselves. You could reach billions of customers on their platform and become world famous overnight. The reality on the ground is very very far from. Crickets!

YouTube does a very poor job of reaching your content to your viewers. Sometimes the updates are sent in the middle of the night even when your audience is knocked out.

You’re not going to get a kick out of this:

YouTube is the best alternative to hosting videos for new companies.

Oh my goodness! Why?

  1. Google and YouTube rank #1 and #2 web indexes on the planet.
  2. YouTube streams videos significantly quicker than any other video hosting site, and in any location on the planet. This is on the grounds that they probably have a video hosting server very close to you. What’s more interesting, if there’s a video being consumed in a specific region, YouTube will cache that video and furthermore push it to individuals close-by.
  3. YouTube hosting is still free. It’s one of the top free video hosting sites.
  4. YouTube promotions on Google Adwords are super cheap to other forms of advertising.
  5. YouTube being so well known, there are a considerable number of free and paid third-party apps and plugins being produced for YouTube regularly. Black hat as well!

Multiple Admin Platform.

When you interface your YouTube channel to a brand account YouTube supports multiple administrators.


YouTube Analytics are second to none. You’d see a considerable measure of channels on YouTube talking about video marketing. They learn and share awesome bits of information about how to utilise analytics for YouTube SERP and how a group of viewers consume their content. The have some great tips for marketing videos on YouTube. You can connect your YouTube videos and channels to Google Analytics too.

Social Sharing

Outside of the YouTube community group, there are huge amounts of FaceBook and Yahoo Groups for every niche. Also forums and blog sites as well. Chrome has a huge amount of social sharing add-ons too. You could consider automated apps like IFTTT or Buffer to routinely share your videos on numerous platforms.

Video Marketing

Website and Landing Page Video

Here’s the place startups seem to lose out on. Yes, a strong viable Video Marketing Strategy. Making a fabulous video doesn’t mean getting eyeballs and conversions. Explainer Videos, however, do enable pages to rank higher in search results and increase audience retention since viewers would look over pics in milliseconds. Yet, in any event with video, viewers tend to spend a couple of minutes. In the event that the video story connects with them deeply, they may invest considerably higher engagement on the page.

Make videos with intuitive scripts that address your viewers queries even before they think about them. This has a lot to do about putting yourself in your viewer’s shoes and understanding your audience a whole lot better. Marketing agenda needs to take a back seat if you want success.

Address only one or two key focuses in a video that really connect with your audience. Focus on elements and instances that will touch their hearts. Everyone wants to know how you will make their lives simple and save them time. Why? So that they can do more things that are important to them in their day. As opposed to rattling off every one of your scripted feature-benefits and milestones. No one wants to be schooled.

Put a big chunk of your financial budget into a good marketing and media plan to share your video on various platforms. Don’t forget to include clever promotions that associate with your brand and video. There are video marketing companies that will do this for you. Try not to do everything yourself and waste your time attempting to do it without help. Don’t wait for organic shares within your circles.

Learn from your video-analytics and change your campaigns and video edits till you get a recipe that works. Keep evolving. See what you’re competition is doing right. Individuals will begin to share your videos organically outside their circles. That’s when you want to push your video even further with ads.

Going viral means different things for different brands.

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