What are some good cameras for YouTube and short films?

The secret to finding the best video camera for YouTube videos is also the same secret to producing a blockbuster movie. So, in less than 2 minutes, let me tell you how blockbuster movies are made… One of the most memorable movies, when I think of a short film, is Napolean Dynamite. It’s no blockbuster. The short […]

YouTube hosting for Startup Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos Bangalore India I work with a lot of new startups and corporate organisations to make Corporate Videos, Product and Explainer Videos. Usually, there are two main categories for video hosting and publishing, when it comes to organisations. This is on account of the material. Is it exclusive information and does it contain competitive insights […]

Video for Small Business Owners

Video production presents your company with a brand new opportunity for marketing. As a corporate explainer video company, I work with entrepreneurs often. Perhaps, you have a medium to small sized business. Sample business advertisement video example You might be asking yourself if a video is right for you? The answer in short, by adding video […]

How to make youtube videos on your phone?

Smartphone Filmmaking It’s crazy easy, isn’t it? Who would have ever thought that anyone could make a movie. I never imagined filmmaking would become so cheap and that video cameras would be put in everyone’s hands. Well, shooting video on your smartphone isn’t mostly the problem. What typically happens with mobile phone users is that they […]

Influencer Marketing for Videos

You might be wondering “What is influencer marketing?” Influencers are incredibly important and have a significant effect on business. This may be within smaller local circles as well as around the globe. Influencer advertising could be looked at as an extremely customised way of marketing. With the prevalence of guerilla and viral marketing in today’s […]

How do I make the best explainer video?

A good or rather best explainer video always comes out understanding your target group, doing a better production compared to your competition and doing justice to your story. Understanding your audience:When you live, breathe and talk to your audience: You know what they like? What they relate to? and How they react to situations? When developing your […]

Ruined your corporate video production?

Corporate Video has become a significant piece of solving any corporate marketing strategy. With so many options in the market for corporate films, explainer video productions and even better offers and competitive pricing it is possible to get sidelined and miss out on producing a  good quality corporate video for your organization. Sh*t Happens! It’s hard to book appointments […]