Cool Drone Filming Techniques

At least many of us have fallen in love with videos or photos that seem to have been captured from mid-air. YouTube and other similar platforms are rife with them and at some point, you might have asked yourself “what does it take to make such cool videos?”

Well, first off, you are going to require a drone. Not just any drone but a really good drone. Fortunately, recently manufactured drones come complete with advanced cinematic features and this makes things even better not just for amateur drone pilots but those who’d like to try out new and unique ways of taking videos.

So, we’ll take a look at five tips that will help you master how to make cool videos with drones.

Steer Clear of The Wind

Every country has regulations as to how high you can fly your drone. In the US, for instance, the maximum height you are allowed to go is 400 feet. Nonetheless, flying your drone that high isn’t exactly going to work to your advantage.

The higher you go, the windier it will become. And the unfortunate thing about such windy situations is that your videos are going to be shakier and really distracting to the eyes.

That’s why it’s best to fly low, probably 100-300 feet, and on days that don’t appear to be windy. This way you will create stable videos that are smooth as well.

Map the Area

Just before you start to fly your drone, take a moment to scrutinize the location and if possible, make use of Google Earth to map it out. This is necessary because as you fly, expect to run into trees, electric poles, high-rise buildings or other obstacles that could block your flight path.

Among the things, you should be most worried about is your drone crashing, causing damage or an accident. But mapping the environment will save you such trouble and more importantly, your video will be seamless.

Shaky swerves will definitely make your video unstable and inconsistent and that’s something we all want to avoid.

Find Scenic Locations

Location really matters a lot. In fact, it should be your first consideration before going to take drone videos. So scout for places that are likely to look beautiful, colourful and strikingly expressive from the sky.

Google maps could, again, be a lot more useful here. Get a couple of locations and narrow down to the few you believe are better. This doesn’t mean you should always fly over new places. You can pick locations you’ve been to several times and find unique angles to capture the location from the sky.

Remember to also inquire about flying over the area as it’s illegal to fly over some places.

Fly Slowly and Subtly

Obviously, you will feel compelled to film just about everything you see, meaning your focus will be severely divided. The bad side of this is that you might end up with many footages that won’t be really usable in the end.

It’s, therefore, best to narrow your focus to one thing at a time. You can edit the different footages later. Remember to also keep your movement steady and slow while flying over locations of interest in order to avoid inconsistencies.

Also, keep in mind that speed matters and so, whatever you choose will influence the mood of your video.

A few other things to note include:

  •         Keep your drone videos short
  •         If possible, film at either sunrise or sunset
  •         Check out other weather conditions
  •         Try out different settings without being extreme in each

It would also be great if you learn basic video production techniques just so that you will have it easier editing your videos to suit your specific purpose. If it’s for corporate use, you can click here to learn more.

That’s all for now, folks. If you execute these tips well enough, you will be on your way to making exceptional aerial drone footage. It doesn’t matter whether the footage is for personal, commercial or corporate use, the tips apply to just about any situation.

Good luck.

Making a PowerPoint Presentation?

Powerpoint presentations are the most effectively used tools to deliver amazing presentations. The first five minutes of your presentation is paramount to captivate your audience. Delivering great presentations is one of the top priorities to score major points with the management and clients that boost your career.

Death by PowerPoint

When you are able to connect with your audience in the first five minutes you will be more successful, be less frustrated and enjoy more freedom connecting when you spend less time trying to deliver your message.

Today, let’s look at 3 of the most effective steps to deliver a strikingly good opener to leave your audience stoked. Now, most of your audience has an attention span of ten minutes according to case studies by Karen Wilson & James H. Korn. Or rather they decline after 10 to 15 minutes.

Delivering a presentation is a lot like storytelling or watching a movie. If you cannot convince your audience that your story is different or would add value to them.. you’re in for a disaster.

Most people don’t understand the skills to tell their story effectively and have an agenda of n number of slides or x number of points that need to be communicated in y number of minutes.

Do you want more information on making powerpoint presentations? Leave a message below

We will send you about 3 to 4 questions by email. Just the basics about who is your target audience, quality and your

Delivering an awesome presentation?

The only three things you will need to deliver a great presentation.

#1 Confident Introduction

“Everyone is nervous, confident people just don’t show it!”

Instead of just telling people your name, company and designation break the ice. What your audience really wants to know is:

  1. Who is this person?
  2. Is this the best person to give me this information?
  3. What can this person do for me?

How could you do something like this? Prepare a short elevator pitch.

Did you know some people have this gap in their business? Well, I offer this solution which is the best solution. This is how I help you.

#2 Take your audience on a journey

You could transport the minds of your listeners to feel more free, successful or happy. Let’s see if you could do all three. How were presentations made 40,000 years ago? I’m sure it wasn’t by PPT. It was by storytelling. Our brains are hard-wired to consume stories. Use narrative to make your audience “feel”. The three-act structure of a movie is a typical way to captivate your audience. All great speakers do it!

Your audience has a limited amount of information that they can take away. Stick to two or three of the issues that will make a difference in their lives and connect with your audience best.

Try and hold back on humour. Although humour is a very effective tool, it sometimes doesn’t go well with corporate brands. Humour makes people perceive the brand as weak or discount the brand as not trustworthy enough. Meanwhile, it’s a challenge to use humour and not offend some part of the audience. Focus on emotions like happiness, freedom or motivation instead.

#3 Keep things in 2’s or 3’s

Let’s talk numbers.

  1. Keep your presentation slides to a maximum of 3 to 6 bullet points.
  2. Keep text titles to less than seven words.
  3. And use lots of imagery to connect with your audience and help them envision your ideas.

Our brain is just wired to connect two or three things together, any more is not really worth the effort. This powerhouse of an organ is a master at shutting down or jumping to the next thought branch like a monkey swinging on a vine. Why does this happen? Well, the brain consumes a ton of energy and over the years has evolved to be a master at filtering out useless information to preserve resources.

This is a lot of information to take in. If you stuck on so far, you just learnt the three most important points to deliver an amazing presentation.

The Rise of Video as a Powerful Marketing Tool

Video marketing was made huge by the internet. Videos on demand created a big increase in on-demand ad campaigns. The first viral video online hit the internet in 1995. The impact only grew once YouTube launched in 2005. Since then, it’s accumulated billions of video vies per day with over 78.4% of U.S. Internet users watching videos every single day. Marketing on online videos is a multi-billion dollar industry. Traffic to these videos is constantly growing, making videos a consistent and extremely effective marketing strategy useful for any industry or business. In fact, video marketing is a very popular form of advertising with 96% of marketers taking advantage of the platform.

Research by Website Builder further proves the reach and efficacy of video marketing through their video marketing facts. It’s not localized to just YouTube, either. Ads are everywhere on videos. 90% of Facebook’s content is expected to be in video form by 2018. Spending on video ads is almost doubling per year. When it comes to mobile video advertising, the effect is even greater. In the United States, video revenue has increased by 385% since 2011.

There’s a good reason for the extreme growth, too. Video marketing has helped companies boom in popularity and sales revenue. For example, a window blinds company has boosted their sales by 68% and increased their revenue by 92% just by taking on a video marketing campaign. Another great example was TutorVista, a website for connecting tutors with students. TutorVista adopted a marketing campaign through video platforms on their landing page. The result was an 86% increase in conversions.

The growth of video marketing has caused it to surpass all other forms of marketing. 70% of American ad agencies swear by video ads over any other form of marketing, including television. Video ads help viewers retain the information better, and thus increase the likelihood of brand conversions. Video marketing also prompts users to spend more money per order.
The institution of this type of marketing has revolutionized the advertising world and proven itself to be incredibly beneficial to various industries. By adopting a video ad campaign, businesses are seeing big increases in customer bases, customer retention, and revenue increases from more expensive orders. What does this all mean? Well, if your business hasn’t yet jumped on the video ad bandwagon, it’s not too late. Every business can benefit from a great video.