Making a PowerPoint Presentation?

Powerpoint presentations are the most effectively used tools to deliver amazing presentations. The first five minutes of your presentation is paramount to captivate your audience. Delivering great presentations is one of the top priorities to score major points with the management and clients that boost your career.

Death by PowerPoint

When you are able to connect with your audience in the first five minutes you will be more successful, be less frustrated and enjoy more freedom connecting when you spend less time trying to deliver your message.

Today, let’s look at 3 of the most effective steps to deliver a strikingly good opener to leave your audience stoked. Now, most of your audience has an attention span of ten minutes according to case studies by Karen Wilson & James H. Korn. Or rather they decline after 10 to 15 minutes.

Delivering a presentation is a lot like storytelling or watching a movie. If you cannot convince your audience that your story is different or would add value to them.. you’re in for a disaster.

Most people don’t understand the skills to tell their story effectively and have an agenda of n number of slides or x number of points that need to be communicated in y number of minutes.

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Delivering an awesome presentation?

The only three things you will need to deliver a great presentation.

#1 Confident Introduction

“Everyone is nervous, confident people just don’t show it!”

Instead of just telling people your name, company and designation break the ice. What your audience really wants to know is:

  1. Who is this person?
  2. Is this the best person to give me this information?
  3. What can this person do for me?

How could you do something like this? Prepare a short elevator pitch.

Did you know some people have this gap in their business? Well, I offer this solution which is the best solution. This is how I help you.

#2 Take your audience on a journey

You could transport the minds of your listeners to feel more free, successful or happy. Let’s see if you could do all three. How were presentations made 40,000 years ago? I’m sure it wasn’t by PPT. It was by storytelling. Our brains are hard-wired to consume stories. Use narrative to make your audience “feel”. The three-act structure of a movie is a typical way to captivate your audience. All great speakers do it!

Your audience has a limited amount of information that they can take away. Stick to two or three of the issues that will make a difference in their lives and connect with your audience best.

Try and hold back on humour. Although humour is a very effective tool, it sometimes doesn’t go well with corporate brands. Humour makes people perceive the brand as weak or discount the brand as not trustworthy enough. Meanwhile, it’s a challenge to use humour and not offend some part of the audience. Focus on emotions like happiness, freedom or motivation instead.

#3 Keep things in 2’s or 3’s

Let’s talk numbers.

  1. Keep your presentation slides to a maximum of 3 to 6 bullet points.
  2. Keep text titles to less than seven words.
  3. And use lots of imagery to connect with your audience and help them envision your ideas.

Our brain is just wired to connect two or three things together, any more is not really worth the effort. This powerhouse of an organ is a master at shutting down or jumping to the next thought branch like a monkey swinging on a vine. Why does this happen? Well, the brain consumes a ton of energy and over the years has evolved to be a master at filtering out useless information to preserve resources.

This is a lot of information to take in. If you stuck on so far, you just learnt the three most important points to deliver an amazing presentation.