Client relationships are the cornerstones of any sustainable corporate video production. It’s always important to build a healthy and respectful relationship with clients. About 80% of our corporate video productions come from word of mouth and references. Growing and nurturing relationships in the industry helps us sustain ourselves. It also helps us grow with the client’s organizations as vendors. This is a strategy that promises growth in the long term.

One of the lesser-known advantages of having good relationships with the brand is the amount of learning and testing we have received through the decades. Clients know their brand, business, and market. It’s always interesting to see their point of view and how they develop emotional connections with their audience. What tone do they speak to their viewers in? What do they say to engage their viewers? How do they reinvent their communication to curiosity and excitement? How do they continue to do this? Year after and with one campaign superseding the next?

It is very crucial for our video production house to understand the brand as we approach a corporate video production for them. The brand guidelines help us create characters and trace these characters’ journeys through the corporate video story. Their emotions, their joys and what motivates them to push harder.

We learn to balance expectations from the management and the target audience. We want to communicate the important features and benefits of the program and products. Meanwhile, we don’t want to lose focus on the main ideas of the corporate or sales video. We want to understand the audience better. Include nuggets and emotions that are relatable go the viewers we want to ensure that the audience can consume the video and leave with a positive attitude towards the brand. The videos need to address some hard questions so that communication is memorable and also stands out from the competition.

Sometimes different projects have different budgets. And it does take the experience to execute projects with lower budgets without as many resources at your disposal. Otherwise, it could be a very short timeline. As one of our mentors said, “we can’t add a small subtitle to the video telling the audience that the video was created under difficult circumstances. We always need to create something spectacular with the resources and situation at hand. No matter what.”

Also, having worked on thousands of video productions, our experience helps us make confident decisions. We are able to determine the direction and way forward during different steps of the video production. We understand the calls that must be taken towards production or script to ensure it is successful and peaks the audience’s interest. When we have the experience, we have authority. Being an authority on video production skills helps our clients to be confident in their ventures. They can confidently rely on suggestions from us, knowing that we have their best interests to grow their brand and market share.

We produce videos and interactive creatives for fortune 500 hundred companies to startup entrepreneurs. Some of our clients are Harman, Samsung, PEPSI, eBay, Nike, and Schneider Electric.