Why are explainer video companies relevant to the success of brands?

Here is what you need to know about our explainer video company, Noida.

Introducing Web Interactive Films, an explainer video company in Noida. Why are we one of the leading animated explainer video companies?

Consumers love video content – it’s both easy to digest and extremely entertaining. You want a giant Ferris wheel? Or a sophisticated comparison chart? You can have it all. With explainer animated video in Noida, from fun, quirky presentations to clean cut refined ones- you can tailor your explainer videos exactly the way you want it.

40% of Indian consumers paid for online videos on iTunes and YouTube as compared to 29% in other Asian nations

That means your customers are actually paying for video content. Your explainer video        featuring in this will bring a huge amount of viewership.

Recent research has proved that the online video consumption in India has doubled in the last 2 years to a whopping 3.7 billion videos per month. This mind-boggling growth has been herded by a considerable rise in the number of online video Indian viewers. In 2016, the percentage of total online video audience in India has increased by 74% i.e. 54 million viewers, with an average Internet user watching 18% more videos.

Why choose Web Interactive Films?

List of video production services we offer at wif.co.in

Corporate Video Production Services

Our products have unique designs, great illustrations and distinct content specifically made for your business. At Web Interactive films we understand that originality, quality and finish go a long way in building customer relations.

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