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Explainer Video Showreel

Animated Explainer videos were born in Bangalore. Bangalore is truly a city for entrepreneurs. A lot of us can’t wait to give up our jobs and build our startup with unlimited possibilities. Getting grants, investments or signing up clients can take quite a while. What we need to make life easy for our budding companies are small explainer videos. Explainer videos that we can post on social media and share with our friends and colleagues. You might want to share your explainer video at a presentation or forward it to a potential investor to help close that deal.

Is it going to cost you much? Not necessarily. At WIF were really about encouraging startups. That’s how we started our company and many of our friends grew the same way too.  We understand that you’re not walking in with bags of money so don’t worry about it, we’ll sort something out. This is exactly what we love to do at work! Planning simple solutions to the complex.

How much will it cost me?

We’ll try our best to work with a reasonable budget. Let’s work something out and get your idea into the world! We’re an explainer video company. We’ve got heaps of experience with startup ventures and it will be great to set up a meeting and maybe we could even point you in the right direction or introduce to someone helpful.

Why explainer videos?

Explainer videos are not boring; infographics and animations bring life to your ideas. Explainer videos are far more than just bullet points from presentations or spreadsheets, hey explain properly! And stick in you viewers mind. A good explainer video adds value and credibility to your startup. Explainer videos also bring in new viewers and traffic to your website which can be great for organic SEO and help higher ranks on google searches. You might have noticed that demo videos for your product, app or service increase conversions by over 66% compared to other formats. This is because a video explains better, and it simplifies the objective of a product by simply letting viewers know what exactly that product would do for them.

Over 70 percent of internet users view videos online and 50 percent of the world’s population watch videos, that’s a huge demographic that leads to “increased interest”.

We think explainer videos work best for a business because we try and make them really close to your personal pitches and sales calls. Explainer videos must exhibit your personality, quirkiness, and brand.

How do we make our explainer videos?

To get started; while creating our explainer videos, we go about asking a couple of questions. We work with our clients and friends right from the basic concept and storyline to producing the video and even help them promote it online. There are different types of explainer videos or rather productions. We determine which type of explainer video is best for your startup based on some references and previous work; Animated, Live action or even testimonial videos. Sometimes it’s even a mix of all of these types of videos. We then dive into producing the videos with animation, live action, and call to actions with branding elements. We slap on the voice over and background music score to pleasantly take our viewers through our exciting explainer story. After we’ve completed the video, with everyone’s feedback and approval; we assist our clients with suggestions on how to publish their explainer videos by selecting a set of right keywords and target groups based on video topics and user interest to promote their videos online.