YouTube studio setup at home in India

Home recording studio equipment for YouTube in India

People all over the world are consuming content through streaming video. There has been a massive paradigm shift of how video is being created and consumed. People are out there talking their hearts out and connecting to millions of followers with their smartphones.

I have gone over 100s of products available on Amazon and put together a how-to and equipment list guide. Below are links that I have shared to the cheapest bare minimum, low priced YouTube studio equipment products available on The products on the list are carefully shortlisted.

As a corporate filmmaker from Bangalore, I have had first-hand experience using most of these products and equipments for professional, personal and recreational use.

I have also carefully gone through reviews and specifications for the absolute low-cost essentials to setting up your home recording studio equipment in India. For some products, I have considered alternate brands that are cheaper and have a good amount of positive reviews.

The pandemic has been an extremely difficult time for everybody. Setting the air of despondency aside, we have also had an outburst of talent during this lockdown. More people are creating content and sharing their experiences with communities all over the world.

Maybe you are not a YouTube creator but are looking to create videos for Linkedin. With millions of people working from home, professionals all over the world are getting accustomed to regular virtual meetings and online video calls. This is a great reason to upgrade your home recording setup to establish credibility and look more professional.

Meanwhile, after putting out some content on YouTube especially, you may have received a positive response from your viewers. You probably want to increase your traffic views and subscribers. At the same time, you might not be completely satisfied with your video production quality and may be looking to up your video production game.

The good news is, I will be sharing the list of home recording studio equipment for sale in India with you. I will also be sharing some camera settings, and I recommend that you use your smartphone camera with pro settings.

Smartphone camera or mobile filmmaking

Let me quickly recommend why you should use your smartphone as your primary camera when you are looking to start creating professional videos for YouTube or vlogs.

Before we get to professional recording studio equipment, let’s talk about your camera.

Using a smartphone for your video has the following benefits:

  1. You carry your phone, wherever you go, it’s easy to take your files, ideas and shoot wherever you are without having to worry about heavy equipment or permissions.
  2. Smartphone cameras are good enough to get decent YouTube quality video, all you need are the right manual settings (available on you camera app pro mode) and studio lighting when necessary.
  3. You are not sure how much revenue you could directly generate from YouTube. YouTube doesn’t have to just be about money? Creating a YouTube channel has multifold advantages like having a social influence, creating authority and credibility in your domain or even building professional relationships with people and brands alike.
  4. Apps are fantastic, you could get an app for almost every part of your workflow to create video content. Professional camera settings, video editing, audio voice-over recording, templatized video and text animations, they’re all available.
  5. Cameras and video editing systems (desktops/ laptops) are probably the most expensive part of the video production equipment environment. Let’s face it, everyone owns a phone that comes with a camera. Even 720p resolution will do.

Do let me know if you would like to know more about video creation applications for ios and android. My favourite is invideo, it works on a desktop browser, you should check it out if you require regular content for your small business. Invideo is a premium template-based video creator with stock footage access.

Quick camera settings

When you are ready for a shot, ensure that you lock the exposure and focus on your subject by long pressing the screen over your subject in the image.

Navigate to your pro mode, they’re available on most phones. Set your shutter speed to at least 1/50. Set your ISO to a maximum of 1000, 400 to 600 is ideal. You may leave all other settings to default or auto for now.

Lighting: Professional recording studio setup in India

Even if you have an old or outdated phone camera or web camera that you would dedicate as your primary camere for your home recording studio setup, lighting can turn things around.

I am not going to deep dive into how shutter speed, aperture and ISO work. But let me explain why you don’t get great footage with bad lighting. The raw footage that is captured when an image which is light hits your camera sensor is quite bad. It’s full of grain and noise. This is because phone cameras have tiny cameras and lenses which aren’t capable of capturing enough data. Secondly, video and photo formats on your phone cameras are highly compressed. This is the reason the raw footage is terrible. All the magic happens with the phones internal software that adds many effects like noise removal and colour grading to make those images pop.

A note of caution, when you shoot with bad lighting, the phone drops its shutter speed on auto mode. How this works is that the phone takes many images and layers them one over the other to create a brighter and better-exposed image. The trade-off, however, is motion blur and noisy images in your footage. This is why lighting can make a world of difference.

 300 Watt Led Video Light 

Philips Stellar Bright Base B22 50-Watt LED Bulb

7W RGBW LED Bulb/Lamp 16 Color with Remote

These are 3 lights, and having one of each really helps. The powerful 300W LED can be either used with an umbrella to diffuse soft light onto yourself or the subject or could be bounced on the ceiling or a wall. Avoid using it directly, unless you are using it to separate your subject from the background as a backlight or hair light.

You are going to need some equipment to mount and connect your bulbs.

Studio Holder KIT Umbrella White 80 cm + Studio Light Stand + Umbrella and Bulb Holder KIT

 Light stand

Tripod and stability

Stability and propping your camera in different angles is a fundamental to making professional looking video. Investing in a quality tripod is paramount. Although you could buy the cheapest one out there, you’ll realise that they come apart after a few uses.

The below tripod is a copy of a Manfrotto tripod design that is expensive. This tripod has enough weight so that it will give you a stable shot even if there is wind or vibrations on the ground.

Professional ball-head tripod

Tripod heads come with a screw type plate, you will need an adapter to mount your smartphone.

Tripod Mount Adapter


A flat colour background will help bring focus onto your talent in your YouTube video productions. Especially, if you are making live-action training videos such as a yoga training video it is nice if you have a clutter-free background.

While you can get loads of textures and colours for backgrounds, a black background is essential. The black background cloth acts as a flag. It cuts the background light. If you want to use a colour background, you would want to mount the colour over the black background so that you get a double layer and it cuts out any light behind your background.

Black background cloth 8×12

To mount your backdrop you will need background stands and clips.

Background stands and rod 8×9

Below are some inexpensive clips that you could use to tightly fasten your background to the stands and rod.

Background clips

There you have it, professional lighting and background setup for the best home recording studio package available on Amazon.

Audio and voice over recroding

But wait, we’ve missed out one massive section of the video experience.

Bad or low quality audio is the a huge red sign that says unprofessional or amateur. Bad audio is sure to send visitors dashing in the opposite direction.

The first thing you want to do is try and set up your studio in a quiet and echo-free space in your home. Not to worry, I will recommend some equipment to absorb the echo and also options for microphones to capture better quality audio.

Some types of videos for YouTube do not require live action video shooting. The footage can consist of illustrations, whiteboard animations or templatized video services like invideo.

However, your voice and personality play an important role. This is why it is important to conjuring a quality audio setup to go with your home recording studio setup production as well.

The following audio equipment is essential, especially if your content has voice, training or even music.

Acoustic Panels Studio Soundproofing Foam 2 X 12 X 12

The best type of budget audio recording microphone is a USB condenser microphone. Please note that you will need a laptop or desktop computer to use this microphone for recording. The below specifications support Mac, Windows and Linux systems.

USB condenser microphone

If you are looking at a budget-oriented option for your home recording studio design. Cheap and best as we call it. You could consider a condenser microphone that would work on any device, your smartphone, tablet or your laptop.

Omnidirectional Lavalier Condenser Microphone 

Optional or additional equipment that you may find handy

DHI Osmo Mobile 3

Smartphone mobile rig

Lens filters

Smartphone cameras come with terrible dynamic range, lens filters help darken the overexposed highlights or add drama to your shots. In some situations like extreme reflections on a lake or capturing a sunset on a beach, you will notice that lens filters can give you a professional-looking enhanced shot with better dynamic range.

Stay tuned for more, in our next article we will talk about setting up your studio and we could also take in questions of copyright laws, smartphone filmmaking and video production setups for your home studio.

Feel free to connect and share your questions below.

An important note of caution: Although I have taken great care to recommend these products, it is not unusual to receive defective or damaged devices. Ensure that you check all equipment as soon as you receive it so that you are entitled to returns and refunds from Amazon. Sometimes, we wait for all the equipment to come in and later some of the stuff doesn’t work and it makes it hard to get a refund.

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